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Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation

‚ÄčThe municipalities constituted under section 3 shall consist of 3[President and the Vice-President and] such number of elected members not less than seven as may be determined by the State Government, by adopting the criterion that in municipal area having population of :-

1[(i) Not exceeding 6150 .. 7 members
(ii) Exceeding 6150 but not exceeding 12,300 .. 9 members
(iii) exceeding 12,300 but not exceeding 24,600 .. 11 members
(iv) exceeding 24,600 but not exceeding 36,900 .. 13 members
(v) exceeding 36,900 but not exceeding 49,200 .. 15members
(vi) exceeding 49,200 but not exceeding 61,500 .. 17 members
(vii) exceeding 61,500 .. 19 members:]
Provided that the determination of the number of members as
aforesaid shall not affect the composition of the municipality until the expiry
of the term of office of the elected members then in office.
2[Provided further that in case of increase or decrease in the number
of wards (seats) in a municipality due to higher or lesser population growth
rate of that municipality than the average population growth rate of the urban
area of the State, as the case may be, in that event existing number of wards
(seats) of that municipality shall be maintained.]
(2) Save as provided in sub-section (3), all seats in that municipality including the 3[President and the Vice-President] shall be filled in by persons chosen by direct election and for the purpose of election, the Deputy Commissioner shall, in accordance with such rules as may be prescribed by the State Government, divide the municipal area into wards in such a manner that-
(i) one member shall be elected from each ward ; and
(ii) as far as possible the population in each ward shall be equally distributed ;

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